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This kid does it all, the complete package.
What is it like being a 10 year old Hip-Hop artist?
It's very cool rapping at this age because I'm really starting to see kids that I hang around get more into music. They see me doing something positive and they really look up to that. I live in the rough parts of Cincinnati and there's alot of shootings, but everybody has faith in me to do something positive with my music.
Is it hard balancing school and a recording career?
Not really because I work at my own pace so that is one good thing about being an independent artist. I treat my music like homework, I will not go outside until I finish a song.
Where do you record at?
I will record anywhere but the main place would be my producer NatTown's spot.
Who produces your music?
NatTown does mostly all my beats.
Ohio is a great state for Hip-Hop talent now. Do you know any other artists your age?
Swagg Truppers those are my boy's, Twinkie, and Lil Beefy from Polorific.
What music do you listen to in your spare time?
Rap is my favorite. I like just about everyone who are in the game right now. 2 Chainz, T.I. Drake, LIl Wayne, Jay-Z and Kayne West are the main artist in rotation everyday though.
You have a bright career ahead of you. What do you enjoy most, music, acting or modeling?
I love the fact when rapping I can say what I'm feeling and when I'm acting I can get into different characters, but when I'm modeling I don't have to do anything but stand around looking good. I'm going to say acting is my favorite right now because I like acting like different people and showing different emotions.
Do you do any live shows?
Yes, I have done a lot of local shows, but I really would like to open for at least one of my favorite artists that I mentioned before.
Do you feel you are learning a lot about the music industry?
Yes, everyday my mom makes me read books about the music industry, but I learn more when I'm out doing interviews and networking with people.
What can we expect from you in the future?
My single to my album 100 Million Dollar Kid and my Next project. So keep listening on Hardcorejamz, Jango or follow me on Twitter to hear find out about new music. Twitter page is
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