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What is the local music scene like in Chicago?
The music scene in Chicago has always been a melting pot. You'll find a lot of different styles here with influences, from each corner of the country. Of course, we always have to give it the Chicago twist and make it our own though. 

Growing up, who influenced you to get into music?
I grew up in a house full of music. My pops was heavily involved in the Blues scene, and my uncles would always play Rap music and watch music videos. I hated it at the time because I would have rather watched cartoons, but it sunk in deep unknowingly. My influences include the greatest to ever do it, Mr. Tupac Shakur, Twista, Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, Project Pat, 3-6 mafia, Drama, and many many more.

How did you get involved with Elevation Entertainment?
Elevation Entertainment was started by my brother, (Preston Whiting A.K.A LoneWolf), and childhood friend (Dwayne Walker). I'm in it by blood, it's a fam thing.

How did you get the name Spyda?
I was an energetic and highly active kid. I always found myself climbing on things most wouldn't dare. People started calling me Spyda and it just stuck.

Where do you record?
I record at Elevation Studio, which is the label studio.

What producers have you worked with?
I worked with Vybe, Tony Fadd, Sinima, and countless others. I plan to focus on working with more local Chicago producers in 2014.

Have you been doing any live shows lately?
I've been heavily in the studio and in the creative process lately. My thirst for the stage is becoming fierce after this break from it. I will be back at it soon with a show you wont want to miss.

Tell us about your latest project.
My latest project is a yet to be titled EP. It will be between 5-8 tracks of my best and most potent material to date.

What is a studio session with you like?
Intense...Im often out of breath and sweating in the booth after giving it all I've got. I'm very involved in the mixing process and have a certain sound in my head for my songs. My brother does most of the mixing and he understands my vision well. Of course we also have fun in the process and joke around endlessly in the down time. 

What can we expect from you in 2014?
My EP is the main focus for the new year as well as live shows. The music is the best it's ever been and my focus and drive is the strongest it's ever been. Expect a lot, as I expect a lot from myself. This new year will extremely productive and God willing, very successful.
Chicago artist Spyda, is one to watch in 2014
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