Coming off the success of the song "Dream Girl", Roget is what the music industry needs more of. Hard working artists with passion and a long term mind state! We had a chance to see whats new in the world of ROGET!
How did the name Roget come about?
I was sitting around with my wife trying to come up with a name for the group. The phone rang and Mary Ann answered it, when she returned to  our discussion I asked her who called ? She said it was Roget my hairdresser. I said that's it we'll call the group Roget ! The rest is history.
How did you originally get to know the great guitarist and studio engineer Bob Cadway?
Bob and I learned to play guitar together in his basement when we were twelve years old. We went to grammar school & high school  together in Seaford Long Island. We went on to play in a group together affectionately named after Bob ( Chunk ) . Bob was one of the most fantastic guitar players ever to roam this earth, I miss him dearly and think about him daily. Pictures of Bob are all around my home. I'm lucky enough to have two of Bob's guitars that were left to me, a 1969 Martin 12 String that Bob had Strung lefty, It's a right handed guitar so I had it switched to right handed  so I could play it. The other is a Hohner ST-59 Strat copy which is a lefty I kept it that way for many years and recently swithced it over so I could play it. Bob was one of the most humble people I ever met. His brother Richie has put up a site titled "If you knew him you loved him" Just Google Bob Cadway and you can hear some great guitar and see some classic photos.
You have been involved in music for awhile now. Tell us about your success with the song "Dream Girl".
Dream Girl was written for my wife Mary Ann, We had regional success with the song in Miami. I recorded it here in Miami and Bob Cadway mixed it in New York at the Hit Factory. Bob was instrumental in the success the record achieved. It's one of my favorite tunes as well as with my fans.
Do you find that you sell more downloads or actual CD's these days?
Many more downloads, I believe with the way technology has evolved and the young listeners music habits, the CD will be on the shelf with eight tracks and cassette tapes. I love vinyl and have a huge collection. Records will never go out of vogue. The business is changing in favor of the artist, which is a good thing, you hear a lot of crying by the old established music biz folks, I have no pity for them, they had a long profitable run for decades at the expense of many great artists.
What is the local music scene like in Florida?
The local music scene in Florida is also changing with technology, there are less venues supporting live acts. We are lucky in this area although because of gambling, we have the Hardrock and lots of casinos that do support live acts. As well as the old standbys like Tobacco Road, which boasts the #1 Liquor license in the city of Miami. South Beach is a rocking place,but there are a good number of DJ's getting the gigs there. Not that there is anything wrong with DJ's !!!
Have you been touring lately?
I just returned from a gig in Negril, Jamaica at the Breezes Resort on April 28 - May 3. I'm planning on doing a lot more touring in the future hopefully in Europe. I have a large fan base there due to the exposure on the internet.
Where do you currently record? Can you run a studio session and mix your own songs?
Currently my three latest releases one on your station " Sometimes " was recorded in my home studio. I played all the instruments and mixed it as well. On June 28th  I will be traveling  back to Long Island for a project I put together with High School buddies. We had some big time talent come out of that little town on the South Shore of Long Island. On this session the drummer will be Liberty Devitto who played with Billy Joel from 1977 until 2001, Lib graduated with me and Cadway! Also co-producing the session will be Harold Barber, Johnny Maestro's keyboard player, and five other guys. I'm excited.
Can you tell us more about your label M.A.D. Records?
It is an indie label I created when the Dream Girl album was released. A little secret the M.A.D. are my wife's initials Mary Ann DiPietro. I find it much more profitable being my own entity. I'm a member of B.M.I. Nashville and have my own music publishing company. This is a good tip for young artists. In this new age of the music business you can cut out the middle man, with very little investment, and control your destiny, and cash flow.
What type of music are you currently listening to lately?
I have not changed my listening habits since I started listening to music. I usually get hooked on a tune and play it to death. My latest favorite song is " According to You " by Orianthi ( Michale Jackson's last guitarist ) Since returning from Jamaica recently, I have been listening to a lot of Bob Marley. I love classical music and Jazz. There isn't much music I don't enjoy listening to
What can we expect from you in the future?
You will be seeing me on "The Ed Sullivan Show" I wish! Ha ha , Roget is in the middle of releasing a new album. I dripped out three tunes so far. Keep your eyes and ears open we could be in your town. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself.
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