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What is the Hip-Hop scene like these days in Atlanta?
Atlanta is pretty much the Mecca of Hip Hop in this day and time. The music scene live, and the artists in Atlanta take their craft and the culture of Hip Hop seriously.
How did Kairizmic Music come about?
Kairizmic Music was started by Sigh Griffin, an award winning music producer and artist manager from Washington, DC. He saw that there was a lot of raw and undeveloped talent being passed up by the majors, and decided to create an artist A-Z bootcamp to develop, polish and produce high caliber undiscovered talent and market and distribute them via a variety of digital platforms.
Kairizmic Music can handle every aspect of an artists career, how many people are in the company?
Our company is comprised 15 full-time employees.
Who handled production on "Let Me See It" and "Call Me"?
Sigh Griffin and DeeMoney Beatz both Billboard Charting and RIAA Certified Gold/Platinum producers handled all of the production aspects of "Let Me See It" and "Call Me".
Where do all the artists record?
All of our artists record in our company's Atlanta, GA and Raleigh, NC based recording studios.
Are there any other artists on the company roster?
Yes, we currently have a total of 12 recording artists signed to our label. We will be releasing more new artists projects later this summer.
Do you find that you sell more digital downloads than physical CDs?
Yes, nearly 96% of all our sales are made online via digital download, and half of the remaining 4% is made via digital music stream sales.
Do you have any live shows coming up?
Yes, both Ge Dem Boi and 200 have 3 paid performances each this Memorial Day Weekend down in Miami, FL. They are also slated to perform at the upcoming CoreDj's retreat in Atlanta this year.
Would Kairizmic Music ever work with other genres of music?
Yes, we are currently getting ready to release a few pop singles, and a new genre of music called Roots Rock within the next couple of months.
What can we expect from all the artists this coming year?
This year is going to be an extremely busy year for Kairizmic Music. We will be working to make sure that all of our artists chart on the Billboard Hot 100 as we did with all of our previous acts, and pursue more Gold and Platinum plaques. Ge Dem Boi is currently working on new material with Zaytoven, KE on the Track, 2 Chainz and Grammy Award Winning producer Wonder Arillo, who is also part of the Kairizmic team. 200 has been in the studio with Sigh Griffin, DeeMoney Beatz, MikeWillMadeIt, Pauly Paul and plethora of other hot producers, and will be bringing a lot of heat to the streets this summer.
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