How did Hour Glass come about?
Hour Glass came about in early 2000. They started out with Aaron Will Singing and playing Guitar, Isaac Will on drums, and Jarrod Brainco on Bass. Matt Flora Moved back to Indiana, and was immediately approached to become the vocalist for the band in 2001. Playing in the Living room of Aaron Will's parents house, the magic began. Aaron and Matt constantly side by side brainstorming with a passion for greatness. Epic perfection seemed to be just par for these two. They would write songs and perform them, and although the fans would enjoy every minute, they never seemed to be satisfied. After several years of tweaking and perfecting what most thought was perfect, they released their first single to the public, and it was a local hit immediately. The local fans awaited every song that they released with almost annoying un-relentless attitudes. Everyone knew they were sought for greater things.
A couple years later the band broke up before they could actually get into a professional studio and get a proper mix and record the way they had always dreamed. 6.5 years later they decided it was time to patch things up and finish their album, so they traveled to Atlanta Georgia to do just this. Time and funding was tight for them, and they were only able to lay down 4 tracks in 2010, and have plans to finish the album in 2011. They placed their 4 songs on, and after a measly 2 weeks have moved up the local charts from over 200 down into the 40’s. With a little luck and patience we are certain they will find their way on top and playing for the world in a few short years.
What is the indie music scene like in Georgia?
The indie Music Scene in Atlanta is very competitive, and very talented. Every band in Atlanta seems to have a great following of fans and the financial backing to get into the studio and make good become great. Hour Glass is not financially backed by anyone, and are certain that if the right financial backer and artistic mind could place them in front of the right people the world would have an eargasm on every song. Reverbnation allows them to compete on the local charts and they are climbing their way to the top fast.
Have you been doing any shows lately?
The band has not been performing any shows since the early 2000’s. The band recently patched things up and got into the studio to work their magic.
So who is more of the songwriter in Hour Glass? Or is it an equal experience?
Aaron will is mostly the song writer, and a funny story comes behind this. In the late 1990’s before Matt moved away from Indiana, Aaron Will hired Matt Flora to teach him how to play guitar. Matt set up weekly sessions with Aaron, and decided he was going to teach Aaron the way he would have wanted to be taught, so he started him out with the basics of guitar playing and also incorporated how words and singing would be incorporated into the mix. Matt would not teach Aaron the first cover song and warned him against playing cover songs until he had written 10 of his own first. The reason he would not allow him to play covers is because he did not want him to adopt the sounds of others, but create his own sound first. Showing him how fun and exciting composing music could be Aaron fell in love with writing songs. Matt moved away shortly after, and Aaron Will spent every waking hour devoted to writing songs and playing guitar. Once he was tired of playing by himself he then bought all the equipment to start a band and had his brother learn drums, and taught his friend Jarrod how to play bass. And Hour Glass was born, but not yet complete.
Where do you record at?
They record at an underground studio in Atlanta Georgia operated by the genius Noah Wright.
Would you consider your music more Alternative or just good ole Hard Rock?
That is the funny thing about their music, it is in the ears of the beholder… they have a wide array of genres, and play several different types, so to classify it as one type would not be fitting for them or Hour Glass Band.
What can we expect from you in the future?
You can expect greatness and more epic song releases to the internet. If the right backers come along, you can expect a reunion, and touring. Until then, check out their other hobby at Thank you for this interview, and for being the first radio station to play Hour Glass music!
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Hour Glass
This is a wonderful band from Atlanta that previously patched things up and are now ready for the world to hear their music. We had a chance to see what we can expect in the future.
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