Garbs Infinite is a well polished Hip-Hop artist/producer from Ohio. He is really making a name for himself and has a new CD coming out soon. We had a chance to chat with him and here is what was said!
So what is in your arsenal right now for making tracks?
The MPC2000 is my pride & joy. I make all my beats in there and mix & eq everything in protools.
How did your name come about?
Well the story goes like this...In 9th grade I used to spend my lunch period & study halls in the gym playing basketball. I used to throw up some crazy looking shots, but most of the time I would make it no matter how stupid it looked!. One day I was playing, I thinking we were running full court and I did something real ugly stuff...It was like some no look, behind the back, slap my hand stuff and I made the shot over the dude that was guarding me. He was like "That was some Bull...., that was garbage, I'ma start callin' you The Garbage Man" haha, so from then on it just stuck. Over like 2 years it had numerous variations and it somehow landed on "Garbs".

The "Infinite" part came from my first rap name which was "Infiniti". During that time period though for some reason a lot of artists started calling themselves that and I didn't want to just go that anymore. In 11th grade, when I started writing for the "Buttersheet" I just mashed them together, cause it was different and I thought sounded cool, so I ran with it!
What is the indie scene in Ohio like right now?
I think there's a lot of talent in Ohio. Truthfully, there has been a lot of talent in the O for years! People just haven't got hip to us all....YET! Problem is, not many have been able to penetrate the industry on a national level. I think there are a few reasons behind that though. For one, a lot of cats are concentrating their marketing efforts towards other artists and not the general public. Along with that though, artists need to start supporting each other more. Nothing wrong with healthy competition, however, if people started standing together as one it would be a lot easier for cats to start making noise!
You are an artist and you produce as well. If you had to only choose to be either an artist or just a producer for the rest of your career, which would you pick?
That's a very difficult question, let me explain. Writing rhymes has been something that I've done since I was 12. So I've been spittin' for the majority of my time on this earth, so at this point it comes to me as 2nd nature. I started making beats in like 03-04. On the production side I feel like I've made much more noise on a national level with it. And I feel that it gives me the opportunity to work with a number of different type of artists. Thing is, with me producing it has enabled me to grow as an MC because It helped me understand "song creation" much more and it has allowed me to expand on my creativity in rhyme. So they kind of go hand and hand. But, since I know that wasn't an actual answer...I would have to say that if I had to choose one or the other, I would be a producer. Reason for that is, it would still allow me to create a path for the music 100% without outside influence. As an artist, when I hear a beat it makes me write within the boundaries of the track. As a producer I can tailor something specifically to an MC.
Do you have any old songs from when you first started writing and recording that you look back on now? If so, what reaction do you get from them?
Definitely! I have made hundreds of songs since I started recording. I have a lot of them, but not all of them. Eventually, once I'm in a better position to get my music out to a larger plan is to start releasing a lot of the old stuff. I have grown 100 fold since I started. Since I started producing & engineering the majority of my music, When look back on my older material, I hear it differently then I did when I originally made it. I still think I have a few gems from high school that are better then a lot of the music coming out now though!!
What is your marketing plan for this new CD?
I kind of had an epiphany about this project. I knew that I had to go about it completely different then I have in the past as well as doing it different then most independent artists who put out music in today's current climate. There are so many artists trying to sell their product nowadays, that it's difficult as a fan to figure out who deserves your money. Because of that, I am making "Eclectic Taste" available all over the web for free download and then accepting donations of any amount for my creation. Instead of trying to sell people a CD, or trying to have them log onto itunes and buy music...I figure why not just give it to them no strings attached and if they like it, they can give me what they think it's worth and/or whatever they have in their budget to spend on music. I feel I can reach more people this way, because it don't cost nothing to preview it. How many times have you been approached by some random rapper that you've never heard of who is trying to get you to spend $5-$10 on a CD that you haven't even heard one song off of?

I'm not gonna be "that" rapper anymore, I'ma give you this album, let the music speak for itself, and if you like it...give me whatever you can! Whether it be 50 cents, $5, $10...and so on.

Right now, I'm going about the marketing completely different, I'm releasing a number of freestyles/songs on web every week between now and when the project is released. We are also pushing the music on a national & international level through college radio, internet radio, podcast and so on. Going about it that route instead of only focusing on the larger & bigger named DJ's. Of course I'm trying to get them to play it as well, but the facts is a lot a times as an independent artist it's difficult to get them cats to listen to it, let alone play it. Eventually, they'll all catch on though, that's my feeling. As long as I keep doing what I do and relentlessly push this here music!
Do you have any features on this CD?
Yes, I have a handful of features on this on. My homie LoDeck, from Brooklyn is on it, you may have heard of him through is releases on Nature Sounds with Omega One. Aarophat, from Youngstown is on it, you may know him through his being involved with "The Rawkus 50" a couple years ago. My boy Tony Marv from Cleveland, is on it as well, he gotta new project out "Traffic" which people need to check out. That pretty much wraps up the MC features on it. I did most of the production myself other then one song with was co produced by my little cousin Nick Spring, who play's guitar on one record called "Excuses", which will be the next single off of the record.
What other artists are you producing for right now?
Working with an extremely talented artist from St. Thomas named Jay Gervara right now, we are doing a whole project together, it's slated for an early Fall release. I got a track on Tony Marv's new project. Made some more heat with Lodeck. This cat named J Baron, who I went to school with back in the day who now resides in New Jersey. Got some beats on his new project. My Pandemik brothers of course! Actually, I got a lot of stuff in the works, can't go on the record & confirm to much at this point, but this is definitely going to be a great year for me!!! I will keep you posted!
How has websites such as Myspace, Facebook and or Twitter helped in your popularity?
It's huge. I've been able to reach people in different parts of the world with my music because of those sites. People who may of never even heard of me. I done some overseas & out of state collabs, which were based on a connection made through myspace. I did a record with these cats named the 4 Fantastiks in France a while back!!! Along with that, the mixtape production that I've done for Mick Boogie & Terry Urban has gotten a lot of people hip to me over the past 3 years. Also, the mixtapes that I've been featured on from DJ Harley Hustle, Dj G-Spot, Dj Blazita, Flocko, etc...all those have done wonders for my exposure. So with being on all these different mixtapes across the country & the world...then having the ability to connect with the people that are listening them, through the social networking's really amazing. My myspace page has just cracked over 100,000 views. And that's not with using any "adding" programs, that's just with people checking out the music.
What can we expect from you the rest of this year?
Just staying busy and releasing a lot of stuff. Right now I'm trying to flood the market with good material. I'm doing it with planned and tactical maneuvers. Thank you for the interview & supporting my music. It is appreciated!
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