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If you have not heard of this band then you need to check them out now. They are a breathe of fresh air and worth a listen. They mix in Rock, Pop and a little sprinkle of Soul. We had a chance to see what they were up to.
What is the meaning behind the band name?
It came about from drinking a lot of Blackberry Wine on a Wednesday.That's how Blackberry Wednesday was born.
How did you all meet?
Clubs and friends.
Would you define your sound more Rock or more Pop?
More Rock. We like to mix it up with different genres.
What is the songwriting process like for the band?
There is a little bit of input from the whole band.
Where did you record your debut album "Start Again"?
Leeway Studio and Ardent Studio.
What is your fan base like?
Some shows we have 200 to 300 people and some we have one to two thousand.
Does having a "Blackberry Wednesday" app on itunes help with gaining and interacting with new fans?
Yes, it is great. We had over 5,000 downloads in the first month. We also have an Andrioid app. it keeps our fans updated on everything.
Do you have any shows coming up?
Yes, Tiger Town Tailgate on Tager Lane September 1st, we play before the Memphis Tager game in Memphis. Beach Lake Bike Festival  on October 8th in Lexington Tn and many more that we are working on.
What can we expect from you in the future?
New CD coming out soon.
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