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Salvatore Sgarlata
What is the local Rock scene like in Scotland?
The Scottish Rock scene is in it's infancy. However it has made significant developments over the last decade, paving the way for many more artists to show the world what Scotland can really offer to the music industry. I am proud and honoured to be part of this; to add to the already successful Scots in the entertainment industry. Currently in Scotland most influences are taken from English and American artists.
At what age did you realize you wanted to be involved in music?
I began playing piano at the age of 10, followed by singing at the age of 16. This quickly grew into a passion and appreciation of music. This inspired me to make music a bigger part of my life and over the years I made the decision that performing was the way for me.
What instruments do you play?
The answer for this would definitely have to be: a jack of all trades but expert of none. My main instrument is, of course, my voice. However the piano and guitar would be the instruments I play best. There are many more I would like to learn, in particular the saxophone.
You can sing in Italian, French and Spanish. When did you learn all of these languages? Does it help expand your fan base?
I grew up speaking English and Italian followed by education for French and Spanish during my school years. With regards to my fan base growth, it helps immensely and on a personal level, I believe that it proves music can be listened to and enjoyed by everyone, no matter the genre.
Out of all the languages you sing in, which one gets the most attention?
In the UK and the US, of course, my English versions are the most played and sold. Although in Europe any language is listened to no matter the language of the country.
How did you meet Erik McCall?
This is a long story but the short version is: during my fruitless search a couple of years back for a songwriter to collaborate with, I ended up searching online via publishers and discovered EDA Music: the founder of which is Erik. Unfortunately circumstances at the time changed and contact was lost until earlier this year... AND as they say... the rest is history.
Tell us about your latest project.
"Another World 2012" is a dream the whole world has and I'm hoping this will help get us all closer to the end of famine and suffering everywhere. It's not just about famine and drought but racism, bullying, poverty - all those things that are experienced by someone somewhere every second of every day.
Your music kinda gives a taste of many genres for everyone to enjoy. Would you ever collaborate with a Country artist or a Hip-Hop artist?
Absolutely, variety is the spice of life. Many genre's have inspired me and if i can inspire just one person it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Inspiration comes from everywhere and collaboration gets us all closer to where we want to be.
Do you tour a lot?
Not for the moment unfortunately. I am only doing small gigs in the local area. 2012 will be my year.
What can we expect from you in 2012?
More of the same but, BIGGER and BETTER! With the addition of: Music videos, many more live performances, appearances on broadcast networks and touring - taking my music to as many people as I can.
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This is a wonderful Rock artist who throws in a bit of every genre to give a unique sound that anyone would enjoy. We had a chance to chat to see what is in store for the new year.