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This Blues/Rock group has a new album out and we had a chance to talk to them about their songwriting process and the secret place they recorded their awesome album!
Since the forming of the group in 2004, what members have been the same up until now?
Three members of the original line up are still with the band. Lead Singer: Roxi, Rhythm Guitar: Rick Moxon and Bass Guitar:  Phil Plant
You are mainly a Blues style band. Have you thought of crossing over to a different genre for a whole album down the line?
Our aim is to cover a wide range of Blues orientated music which crosses over to an extensive and eclectic selection from standard Blues to Blues Rock, Country Blues and Jazz Blues. The genre has influenced so many others that we are working hard to write and cover it all, so I guess yes.
How does the songwriting process work for everyone?
Very well. Most of the band members write, sometimes alone and sometimes together. Once lyrics and/or the basic melody has been conceived, everyone puts in their input and suggestions.
What is your local music scene like?
Dire!!  There are only a few decent venues, most of which book cover bands but there are highlights like the Sunday Sessions at Broomfield Park run by the Electric Blues Club who started the first regular jam night in the area and now run an annual event that includes various original and covers bands of all genres.
Can you tell us about your latest album?
We agonised over what to include on our debut album Roxi & the Blue Cats. There were so many songs to choose from and fan requests that we could easily have done a double album. In the end we decided to make the first one a mix of both covers and original songs which reflects the eclectic range of our material. It was a blast to do and includes some of our favourite tracks with everything from standard Blues to Country Blues, Blues Rock and uptempo Jazz Blues.
Has your debut single "Lotus Elise Blues" been well received by your fan base?
Yes, they love it!
Where did you record this album?
Not allowed to say as we were sneaked in by our sound engineer and his boss, but it was a major studio in London that has been host to major artists from all over the world. We were really pushed for time so only had one afternoon to record and mix down all 9 tracks which was apparently a record for the studio!!  Poor RoXi was suffering from an ear infection in both ears. Amazing how she pulled off the vocals despite being hardly able to hear!
Do you find that you sell more digital music than physical CD's?
So far, no. There have been far more sales of the CD at our shows, but everyone who has bought it says the album is now on their MP3 player so we hope there will be more digital sales soon!
How has promotion been going for this project?
The single and album were released on the 28 August 2011 so we have really only just started by signing up to some of the digital outlets where we are already rising up the charts and getting airplay on radio stations in the US.
What can we expect from you in the future?
We are planning to do some selective gigs at Blues loving festivals and venues and then recording our next album of original songs..... but life and the blues have a strange way of taking you down roads you never thought you'd travel so...  who knows ...  !!
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